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This month I was lucky enough to be able to join DJ Tera from Serial Killaz as he hit Los Angeles to play at Respect @The Dragonfly. When I think of LA I can’t help but remember all the classic hip hop that has come out of the city over the years. Having hit DnB raves on the east coast of the US before I was eager to see what the scene would be like on the West Coast and I wasn’t disappointed.

Flying out from a rain soaked and flooded UK it was great to land at LAX on a beautiful 28 degree day. Lasting through an English winter it’s easy to forget what hot sun feels like and it felt like a good omen that even for Californian weather it was an exceptionally hot January.

On the first night DJ Tera joined DJ Machete on Respect radio for a warm up set for Respect at Dragonfly the following night. Machete alongside Justin Force has been running Respect in LA for the last 15 years and along the way has built it up into a busy weekly event with top headliners. In the last few months Total Science , DC Breaks , Jaydan, Black Sun Empire and Marcus Visionary have all played Respect @The Dragonfly. It’s a real credit to Machete and his team that they have kept a weekly event running for so long whilst keeping the quality of headliners high and most importantly packing the venue with ravers week in week out.

The venue itself is on Santa Monica Blvd and has an intimate feel with a really good bass heavy system – it also has an outdoor bar perfect for the hot weather. When we arrived at The Dragonfly on Thursday night the venue was already packed out with ravers. Sdoobie and DJ NoFace got the crowd hyped up and ready for Serial Killaz. When DJ Tera stepped up the crowd reaction was huge and every raver in the place hit the dance floor for a wicked set incorporating jump up, classic DnB and ragga jungle. I have to say as well that the guys doing live break dancing during the set absolutely killed it pulling off head spins all over the place – you don’t see this at home !!!

It was great to meet so many dedicated Junglists – the majority that I spoke to had been listening to the music since the early 90’s and were highly passionate about the scene they had created in LA. I have to say we had a great time at Respect – so much so that I couldn’t resist coming back the following week to catch Bachelors Of Science who absolutely smashed it. If you are coming to LA and want a great night out with good music and wicked vibes then Respect is the place to be.

LA itself is a great city to visit, even just walking around you see so many places that you recognise from films and TV shows. We visited Venice Beach and it was surreal to be sat in the baking hot sunshine at lunchtime watching live premier league football and sipping Mojitos. Venice also has more than its share of eccentric and crazy characters which have to be seen to be believed. If you are into smoking weed then Venice Beach is a mecca of medicinal weed clinics , bong shops and skateparks. Along with Hollywood , Beverley Hills , Universal City Walk and Downtown LA there is loads to see and do. I have to say that all the people we met were really cool and it was great to experience the chilled out west coast vibe.

Massive thanks to DJ Machete and Justin Force who showed us round the city. Also big respect to DJ Clutch , Sdoobie , Jah First , DJ Zere , DJ NoFace and all the other LA DnB heads that raved hard with us ! Also thanks to R3GALDEE for the excellent photos (www.regalradio.com).

I will definitely be back in LA before too long !

Break dancing mid set

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