Los Angeles may be known for its glitz and glamour, but our fair city is good for more than snooty bouncers, exorbitant ticket prices, and arbitrary dress codes. Might we direct you to the places and parties which dwellers of the underground embrace? In contrast to the recent meteoric rise of commercial electronic dance music, left-field dance music has had a home here for over two decades, starting out in clandestine warehouse parties and eventually finding itself in the mix with slightly more established venues and parties. With the proliferation of the internet and its social media megaverse, we’re not sure that anything is truly underground anymore, but let’s give it up for some of the movers and shakers of the scene still imparting the underground spirit of techno, house, and drum’n’bass.


Quite possibly the longest-running drum’n’bass event in Los Angeles, Respect has been around since 1999. Each Thursday at The Dragonfly in Hollywood, Respect brings out a veritable lineup of leading international drum’n’bass DJs hailing from places like New Zealand and the Netherlands, although UK talent is in heaviest rotation. In a region where drum’n’bass events are rare to find, we’re especially thankful for the crew at Respect.

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